Eloquera Database
Store Method (uid, obj)
NamespacesEloquera.ClientDBStore(Int64, Object)
This method updates an object in the database. Extreme care shall be taken to avoid mixing objects of different types
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual BasicVisual C++
public long Store(
	long uid,
	Object obj
Public Function Store ( _
	uid As Long, _
	obj As Object _
) As Long
long long Store(
	long long uid, 
	Object^ obj
uid (Int64)
Target object uid
obj (Object)
An object to store.
Return Value
A UID of the object updated. 0 if the object to store is null (it is not stored). UID is a unique identifier for an object within the database. It can be used to identify the object within the database, for example, between page loads in the web applications.

Assembly: Eloquera.Client (Module: Eloquera.Client) Version: (