Eloquera Database
DeleteDatabase Method (dbName, forceClose)
NamespacesEloquera.ClientDBDeleteDatabase(String, Boolean)
Deletes the database and removes the physical file associated with the database.
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual BasicVisual C++
public void DeleteDatabase(
	string dbName,
	bool forceClose
Public Sub DeleteDatabase ( _
	dbName As String, _
	forceClose As Boolean _
void DeleteDatabase(
	String^ dbName, 
	bool forceClose
dbName (String)
The name of the database to be deleted.
forceClose (Boolean)
Shows whether all connections to the database must be reset.
Setting forceClose parameter to true will invalidate all open connections to the database. The method will fail if the database has open connections made to it, and the forceClose parameter is set to false. Please note that this method will destroy data irrevocably.

Assembly: Eloquera.Client (Module: Eloquera.Client) Version: (