Eloquera Database
ExecuteQuery Method (query, depth)
NamespacesEloquera.ClientDBExecuteQuery(String, Int32)
Returns all objects meeting the conditions of the query. Data is retrieved by executing SQL statements. For information on the SQL syntax supported, see the SQL document "Eloquera SQL Reference", Throws an exception if the SQL statement fails to execute.
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual BasicVisual C++
public IEnumerable ExecuteQuery(
	string query,
	int depth
Public Function ExecuteQuery ( _
	query As String, _
	depth As Integer _
) As IEnumerable
IEnumerable^ ExecuteQuery(
	String^ query, 
	int depth
query (String)
Query to execute
depth (Int32)
Activation depth of the object(s): value 0 means shallow read
Return Value
List of objects that met conditions of the query.
For the query syntax, please refer to the 'Eloquera SQL Reference' in the documentation or on the web site.
IEnumerable res = db.ExecuteQuery("SELECT TOP 100 Book WHERE title = 'Nice book'", 0);
foreach(Book book in res)

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