Eloquera Database
StorePartially Method (obj)
Methods updates the existing object's elementary (including DateTime and Guid) and string fields and properties only.
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual BasicVisual C++
public long StorePartially(
	Object obj
Public Function StorePartially ( _
	obj As Object _
) As Long
long long StorePartially(
	Object^ obj
obj (Object)
The object to stored or updated.
Return Value
UID of the object stored or updated.
All changes to the object fields and properties made between querying the object and writing it back using this method, will be ignored by the database - only the elementary types (including DateTime and Guid) and strings will be preserved. If the object does not originate from the database (i.e., is a new object from the the database's point of view), the object will be stored in whole, including all the child objects.

Assembly: Eloquera.Client (Module: Eloquera.Client) Version: (