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Eloquera helps your business grow, because it helps deliver your software faster and with more features.

Once your business grows out of your existing server hardware, you don’t have to invest in more powerful and much more expensive equipment.

You can scale your system with Eloquera Enterprise by using a cluster of servers. They may be either commodity or enterprise level.

A cluster that consists of 3 commodity servers can reach 99.999975% availability, which is only 13 minutes offline a year!
With midrange and high-end servers, the cluster can reach more than 99.99999% availability.

Eloquera Enterprise clusters spread the load between multiple servers and provide robust solutions, that continue working even after one of the servers fails.

Eloquera Enterprise Database builds on and enhances the existing functionality. In particular it provides levels of reliability and availability suitable for the most critical and demanding environments.

You can have your very own fast, reliable, distributed cloud.

Performance is enhanced by state of the art load balancing. Maximum availability is guaranteed by fail over mechanisms and disaster recovery options, whilst information is securely protected at all times.

Comparing Eloquera Community and Enterprise editions

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